Complete Risk Management Solutions for General Contractors

Tackle insurance challenges, streamline compliance, and integrate operational systems to keep your projects on track and your business secure.

What the numbers say about risk management for General Contractors

  • Over 30% of general contractors report that navigating insurance claims significantly disrupts project timelines (Insurance & Construction Watch).
  • 85% of GCs have faced at least one compliance issue in the past two years, leading to fines or delays (Associated General Contractors of America).
  • 80% of large construction companies cite the lack of integration between different operational systems as a major hurdle. (A survey from Construction Technology Review reveals that)

Simplified Risk Management for Small to Medium General Contractors

In homebuilding, anything could go wrong. And when you’re a smaller builder, you might not have the money, staff, or time to deal with any of the problems that can arise from having a construction business. Get risk management solutions for general contractors that are cost-effective, streamlined, and easy-to-manage. That way you get the protection and efficiency you need, without the cost.

Insurance to cover you while you’re building homes

Ensure your projects stay on track and your business remains secure with comprehensive insurance solutions tailored for general contractors.

Simplify how you manage claims

Claims management is a critical piece of the homeowner experience. Don’t let a lack of time and resources get in the way. You can implement easy-to-use tools that don’t require training, and even outsource your warranty management. All designed to help your projects stay on track.

Minimize your risk exposure

Maverick’s comprehensive insurance solutions give you the protection you need while your projects are in the works. You’re covered no matter what happens.

Get coverage you can afford

Insurance for contractors is getting more expensive, with some states seeing double-digit premium increases. But not with Maverick. Relationships with top carriers, bundle discounts, and customizable terms all help save you money and manage your budget.

Warranty to protect your projects after they’re finished

Maverick's insurance-backed warranties offer comprehensive coverage to safeguard your projects against defects and disputes. With clear terms and efficient claims management, you build trust with homeowners and minimize litigation risks. Focus on your next project confidently, knowing your completed work is protected.

Reduce the likelihood of a dispute

Don’t let unclear coverage and implied terminology leave you open to litigation. With insurance backing and express language, Maverick's warranties give you secure protection and peace of mind. And when you combine warranties and insurance, you’re protected from start to finish.

Build trust for your homeowners

Warranties show that you stand by the quality of your work. Build trust with your homeowners. Especially when they know what to expect if something goes wrong with their house and they need to submit a claim. Provide a positive homeowner experience with a Maverick warranty.

Transform how you manage claims

Stop letting claims distract you from building. From digital warranty management tools to third-party warranty administration, you get streamlined tools and processes that keep you focused on your core operation. Not chasing down contracts or dealing with claims.

Workforce solutions for general contractors

Drive productivity with Maverick's workforce solutions, offering easy-to-integrate tools for payroll, compliance, and timekeeping. Need help attracting top talent? Take advantage of our PEO so you can offer competitive benefits like Fortune 500 companies, without the Fortune 500 cost. Subcontractors are also an extension of your workforce, and their compliance can be challenging to manage. Automate your subcontractor compliance with Beacon®'s new Subcontractor Compliance Hub, ensuring efficient document management.

Achieve the productivity you need

Get tools for managing payroll, compliance, timekeeping, and more that are uncomplicated and easy-to-integrate. That way your small teams can drive productivity, even if they have limited IT skills.

Automate compliance and contract management

You might not have the time or resources to track subcontractor compliance. Get tools that do the work for you, like Beacon®, which now features the all-new Subcontractor Compliance Hub. Get the compliance info you need at a glance, automate COI verification, and keep documents in an easy-to-navigate digital format.

Strengthen your recruitment efforts with attractive benefits

Competing for construction labor is tougher than ever. Attract skilled workers by offering competitive employee benefits like at Fortune 500 companies. Without the Fortune 500 cost.

Builder on construction site

Get the protection, cost-savings, and efficiency you need as a general contractor.

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