Flexible Insurance and Warranty Solutions for Remodeling Projects

Secure flexible insurance policies, streamline warranty management, and optimize workforce solutions to maintain project timelines and ensure client satisfaction.

What the numbers say about risk management for home remodelers

  • 60% of remodelers express dissatisfaction with the inflexibility of standard insurance policies (Remodeling Magazine).
  • Over 50% of remodelers reported delays in project completion due to slow adjustments in insurance coverage (National Association of the Remodeling Industry)
  • Challenges in adjusting insurance coverage quickly can lead to gaps in protection and project delays.

Insurance to cover you while you’re remodeling homes

Protect your remodeling projects with Maverick’s tailored insurance solutions. Our comprehensive coverage safeguards you against common risks, allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality remodels. With competitive rates and specialized discounts, you can manage your insurance costs effectively.

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Protect your remodels

No matter the size of your remodel, you need protection. And sometimes you need that coverage to be flexible. Get straightforward builders risk, general liability, and other policies for any project.

Get coverage you can afford

Sometimes budgets are tight when you run a remodeling operation. With Maverick, relationships with top carriers, bundle discounts, and customizable terms all help save you money on essential coverage.

Manage your coverage without the hassle

Tools like Beacon® make managing your policies easy to manage and understand. The platform was built by builders for builders, so it does everything need. That way you can focus on more on your projects and less on administrative tasks.

Warranty to protect your remodels after they’re finished

Secure your completed remodeling projects with Maverick’s clear, insurance-backed warranties. Our warranties are industry-tested, and provide comprehensive protection against defects and disputes, giving you and your clients peace of mind. You'll get the efficiency you need for a smooth post-construction phase.

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Avoid disputes with clear, court-tested terms

Disputes with homeowners can be expensive and distracting. But not anymore. Simple and clear warranty terms tailored to smaller remodeling jobs prevent misunderstandings and disputes with homeowners. So you can stay focused on your remodels.

Simplify how you manage your warranties

Don’t waste time trying to maintain physical records or track the status of your warranties. With digital tools that simplify warranty management, you can keep track of your warranties without all the admin.

Workforce solutions for remodelers

Optimize your operations with Maverick’s workforce solutions, tailored for remodelers of any size. Our easy-to-integrate tools streamline payroll, compliance, and timekeeping, helping you manage your team efficiently. Not only that, but PEOs give you access to competitive benefits that are crucial for recruiting new people to your team. The best party? It's more affordable than you might think.

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Simplify workforce management

Get tools for scheduling, payroll, and compliance, all tailored for small remodeling businesses. Need HR support? With Maverick, you get accessible support for common HR tasks. That way you can manage your staff efficiently without a dedicated HR department.

Amplify your recruitment

With labor tight labor shortages and tighter project schedules, you might not have time to spend on bringing in new hires. Get targeted recruitment support that helps you find and retain skilled workers for specific remodeling tasks, so you maintain quality and client satisfaction.

Builder on construction site

Get the protection, savings, and simplicity you need.

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