Complete Risk Management Solutions for High Volume General Contractors

Tackle insurance challenges, streamline compliance, and integrate operational systems to keep your projects on track and your business secure.

Insurance to protect your large-scale projects while they're under construction

Leverage the power of technology with Maverick's insurance solutions, tailored for general contractors who build high volumes of homes.

Manage your insurance in minutes, not hours

Apply for, purchase, and manage all your insurance policies in a single, convenient tool called, "Beacon®". When you eliminate the need to handle paper copies and manual emails, you reduce the time spent on risk management from hours to minutes. With time-saving tools and peace of mind knowing you're covered, you'll be able to focus on delivering your project on-time.

Mitigate risk on large projects

The bigger the project, the bigger the risk to general contractors. Reduce your risk exposure with extensive insurance protection. You can even benefit from tailored coverage to match the duration of your projects. You can extend on a monthly basis if your projects goes longer than expected. Or you can get your money back if your project ends early. Either way, you get exactly the coverage you need.

Get better rates based on volume

The more homes you insure, the more likely you are to get better rates on premiums. And when you enroll homes in both Maverick’s insurance and warranty programs, you get special discounts. No more heavy cost burden for insurance.

Warranty to cover your projects when they're complete

Leverage the technology of Maverick's Beacon® platform for comprehensive warranty coverage once your projects are complete. Our tech-driven solutions ensure streamlined claims management and comprehensive protection against defects, giving you and your homeowners peace of mind. Focus on new projects with confidence, knowing that your completed work is secured by our clear, reliable warranties.

Modernize your warranty management

Warranty management can get complicated, especially when you’re dealing with manual processes and –sometimes- a short staff. But not with Maverick. Take advantage of the Beacon® platform, which automates time consuming tasks associated with purchasing and enrolling in warranties. With a single, centralized platform, you free up your time to focus on construction acitivities.

Industry-tested language

General contractors on large projects need more than a simple warranty. Insurance-backed warranties give you security for the large-scale projects you’re covering. And with court-tested terms and efficient claims management, you’ll avoid disputes by managing your homeowners’ expectations.

Workforce solutions for high volume general contractors

Optimize your operations with Maverick’s tech-driven workforce solutions, designed for high volume operations.

Reimagine subcontractor compliance and document management

The larger the project, the more subcontractors you’ll work with. That means more COIs to verify and contracts to juggle, but not with Beacon®. Now you can automate compliance verification and keep all your important contracts and documents in a secure, digital vault.

Strengthen your recruitment efforts

With large projects, you’ve got large hiring gaps to fill. And you’re already dealing with an industry-wide labor shortage. Attract and retain top talent with competitive benefits packages and well-funded training programs.

Builder on construction site

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