Risk Management for Specialized Trades

From specialized insurance coverage to efficient claims processes and cutting-edge tools, protect your business and simplify operations for consistent project delivery.

Insurance, technology, and workforce solutions for trades of all sizes

Maverick offers comprehensive insurance to protect against job-specific risks and warranties to safeguard your work post-completion. Our advanced workforce solutions streamline payroll, compliance, and recruitment, making team management efficient. With Maverick, you receive the coverage and support needed to excel in the construction industry.

What the numbers say about risk management for trades

  • Job-specific injuries in specialized trades are 25% higher than the industry average (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • 55% of electricians find that standard insurance policies do not adequately cover the risks specific to electrical work (Electrical Contractor Magazine).
  • Nearly 40% of tradespeople report dissatisfaction with the efficiency of insurance claim processes (Trades Insurance Data Review).

Insurance for when you’re working on subcontracting projects

Protect your trade with Maverick’s specialized insurance, tailored to cover the unique risks of subcontracting. Our comprehensive policies make sure you’re safeguarded from site accidents to project-specific liabilities. Stay focused on delivering quality work while we handle your insurance needs efficiently and affordably.

Protect yourself from all angles

Protect yourself against all the risks that are common for trades with general liability insurance. Or explore builders risk insurance for trades that ensures your protection is proportionate to project size and complexity. Whatever it is, Maverick’s offers insurance coverage that meets your needs as a subcontractor or specialized trade.

Manage your insurance costs

Insurance costs are on the rise, but not with Maverick. With relationships with carriers and specialized discounts, you get insurance solutions that are accessible for your small subcontracting firm. All to help you manage costs effectively.

Simplify how you manage claims

Inefficient claims processes slow you down. And when time equals money, that’s not okay. Get a partner who can manage claims processing for you or sign up for easy-to-use insurance management tools that take the complexity out of managing your policies.

Workforce solutions for trades

Optimize your operations with Maverick’s workforce solutions, designed to streamline payroll, compliance, and recruitment. Our easy-to-integrate tools help you manage your team efficiently, regardless of size or project complexity. Attract and retain skilled tradespeople with competitive benefits and simplified management processes.

Get management systems and support

Basic tools and HR support for trades are essential, especially for functions like scheduling and payroll. Get services that help you and your small teams manage employment issues efficiently and cost-effectively.

Recruit skilled tradespeople

Trade specialization makes subcontractor recruiting more difficult. Maintain quality and customer satisfaction with targeted recruitment assistance in recruiting skilled tradespeople.

Builder on construction site

Get the protection, simplicity, and support you need.

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