Advanced Technology Meets Comprehensive Structural Coverage

Now you can get comprehensive, cost-effective warranty coverage with the efficiency and flexibility of the Beacon® platform.

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Comprehensive Risk Coverage Powered by Beacon®

Ensure the quality and reliability of your construction with Maverick's insurance-backed warranty. Powered by Beacon®, our warranties provide detailed and comprehensive coverage, outlining your responsibilities and protecting you from potential legal disputes.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Cost vs. Coverage

Balancing the cost of structural warranties with the competitive need to keep home prices affordable is a significant challenge. Builders must ensure that the warranties they offer provide adequate coverage without becoming prohibitively expensive.

Claims Process

The process of handling claims can be complex and lengthy, impacting customer satisfaction and the builder's reputation. About 25% of builders report that managing structural warranty claims takes up to 10 hours per claim due to the complexity and coordination required.

Advantages of our Insurance-Backed Warranty

Discover the power of unmatched warranty coverage combined with Beacon®, the first operating system for construction risk.

Comprehensive Coverage

Protect your builds from all construction defects without worrying about coverage gaps. Our warranty, managed through the Beacon® platform, ensures construction defects are covered.

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Clear and Straightforward Claims Process

Experience a speedy, hassle-free claims process with our digital system, reducing processing time and driving customer satisfaction.

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Affordable Premiums

Get the coverage you need without financial strain. Our competitive pricing ensures you get comprehensive coverage without the burden.

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Reliable and Responsive Support

Get the assistance you need with our dedicated support team, ensuring everything moves smoothly.

Technology-Driven Warranty Features

Discover the power of unmatched warranty coverage combined with Beacon®, the first operating system for construction risk.

Centralized Warranty Management

Leverage Beacon®'s cloud-based platform for seamless application, enrollment, and management of insurance-backed warranties.

Data-Driven Insights About your Coverage

Gain insight from Beacon®'s real-time data analytics to help you maintain high standards of workmanship and materials. All on a centralized dashboard.

What Sets Us Apart

As trusted experts in construction risk, we offer comprehensive technology-driven insurance and warranty solutions nationwide. Recognized as industry thought leaders, we provide highly competitive programs through strategic planning rather than lowest-cost quotes. Our contractor clients rely on us for all their commercial coverage needs, supported by our extensive network of skilled agents.

Tailored Warranty Solutions for Contractors

Maverick understands your unique needs and offers customized warranties to ensure you have the right coverage for your business.

Effortless and Streamlined Process

From straightforward policies to efficient claims handling, we make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Trusted Partner with Extensive Experience

With over 35 years in the industry, Maverick provides trusted and reliable coverage, backed by dedicated support staff to assist you every step of the way.

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