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7 Marketing Tips for Homebuilders

What sets you apart from competing homebuilders? Why should a prospective buyer choose one of your homes? Elevate your brand using Maverick's 7 marketing tips.

Consider this...

The average home buyer will look for about 10 weeks to find a home they want. They’ll also look at up to 10 properties, including new construction, before settling on the home they wish to purchase. Realtor.com

In today’s competitive market, how do you make your company stand out amongst other homebuilders?

Below are seven ways to elevate your brand in today's competitive market and sell more homes.

1. Build a strong brand

Using consistent branding across all online channels and company materials helps increase brand awareness and consumer trust.

"Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to 23 percent." - Forbes

Visuals are a powerful tool. Choose a brand color scheme and logo to use consistently. This will help consumers remember your brand.

"Color improves brand recognition by up to 80 percent." - Forbes

Keep your message consistent. What are your company's values? What separates your work from the competition? Determine your key messaging and use it consistently across all platforms.

"64 percent of consumers say that shared values help them create a trusted relationship with a brand." - Forbes

Consider putting together a brand guideline for your team members and industry partners to ensure all company content looks consistent and communicates a similar message.

Not sure how to get started? Tools like Canva make it easy to create and manage your brand. Check out their resource article on how to get started.

2. Leverage the power of social media

"The average social media user has 6.6 social accounts that they use consistently." - Forbes

Utilize every social media platform available and post consistently. Social media is powerful tool. You can sell, educate, and build brand awareness using your social channels - for free.

3. Post professional photos and videos

Post high quality photos and videos of your homes on your social channels and website. Make sure your content gives viewers an accurate feel of the space. Showcase your home's floorplan, yard, and spaciousness.

"New homes that use aerial images, walkthroughs, and drone footage as part of the listing sell up to 68% faster when compared to listings that do not use these options." - Forbes

In a nod to tip #1, brand your videos. Be sure to showcase your logo on all videos to increase brand awareness.

"According to Forbes, 64% of consumers make a purchase after viewing a branded social video."

4. Create an attractive website

"38 percent of users will stop interacting with a website if the layout is unattractive." - Forbes

In today’s competitive market, simply having a website isn’t enough. It’s important to make sure your website is visually pleasing, clearly communicates your services, and is easy to navigate on both a computer and mobile device.

Most homebuyers start their search online. In fact, 95 percent of buyers use the internet to look for homes and 51% buy homes that they find using the internet (Forbes). Make sure your website homepage contains a clear call to action and engages a potential buyer in the first 10-20 seconds.

Sub tip: Display Warranty Information on your website.

Consider the following statistics from the National Association of Homebuilders:

4 out of 5 homeowners agree a warranty is an important factor in buying a home.

94% of buyers are more likely to purchase a new home from a homebuilder that offers a structural warranty.

Prospective buyers want to know you provide your homeowners with a structural warranty. Not only does it give the buyer peace of mind, but it sets you apart from your competition.

Adding warranty information to your website it easy with Maverick's free guide. See a sample below.

Marketing Guide Screenshot

5. Network with industry professionals

Grow your referral business by networking with professionals associated with the homebuilding industry. Examples: Material suppliers, local business owners, relators, and home inspectors.

Joining a networking group, local chamber of commerce or home builders association are great ways to expand your network.

6. Create a blog

"According to the national association of realtors, only 11% of the companies in the homebuilding industry are operating an active blog. 3 out of 4 companies don’t even have one."

Blogs are a great way to provide your customers with homeowner tips, information on your homes and your company values.

Consider collaborating with other professionals in the homebuilding industry to create content that is both educational and engaging.

7. Become a Maverick Builder member

Maverick is a one-stop shop for all your risk management needs. By offering warranty and insurance products comprehensively, we are able to save our builders time and money.

Our warranty products can help protect you from structural claims while also providing your homeowners with peace of mind.

We provide all Maverick builder members with helpful marketing materials and content to inform your homeowners and potential buyers.

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