Close the Gaps on Subcontractor Compliance

With the Beacon® Subcontractor Compliance Hub, general contractors get AI-powered Certificate of Insurance (COI) verification and digital contract management. Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of manual tracking and welcome a streamlined, more reliable approach to managing your subcontractor relationships. Now with two tiers of access.

Automated, AI-Powered COI Tracking and Review

If your trades are uninsured and you don't know it, you become exposed to liabilities and financial risks. But with the Subcontractor Compliance Hub, you remove the tedious tasks of tracking down COI with a follow-up workflow that handles it for you. Focus on critical tasks like risk reduction, not admin. Because when it comes time for audit, you don't want to get hit with additional premiums.

Advanced Contract Management with DocuSign

Contractors are mandated to maintain active legal contracts with their subcontractors, as required by insurance carriers. Our platform integrates embedded DocuSign capability to facilitate electronic contract signatures. You can manage the entire signature process electronically, eliminating the need for manual paperwork. The status of each signature is dynamically displayed on the main risk management dashboard, providing real-time insights into the contract execution process.

Digital Recordkeeping for Better Compliance

Make sure all signed contracts are stored as secure, active digital records within Beacon. Not only does this help with improved compliance, but the centralized, user-friendly platform helps you find contract details quickly. That means more transparency and accountability for your subcontractor relationships.

Get Started for Free, or Upgrade to a Paid Subscription for More Functionality

Free Plan

Access our manual Subcontractor Compliance tracking solution at no additional charge. Upload COIs, track expiration dates, and receive status updates on uninsured vendors. Utilize embedded contract management tools via DocuSign or upload your own signed agreements. Manually track unlimited subcontractors.

Paid Plan

Upgrade to our Automated Tracking & Verification tools. For $1,200/year, you can track up to 50 subcontractors with AI and email automation handling the compliance process. For more than 50 subcontractors, purchase additional credits in packages of 10 for $150.

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How is our offering different from others in the market?

Track compliance with a clean visual scorecard and digital contract management tools. Our paid option automates the entire verification process, unlike other tools that merely store lists of subcontractors.

Do you have to be a Maverick customer to use this?

No, you can create an account with the Free tier subscription and use the manual COI tracker tools without being a Maverick customer.

Can I insert my own subcontractor agreement?

Yes, you can upload and track any agreement with the manual upload option. The automated DocuSign feature currently supports the standard Maverick-recommended subcontractor agreement.

How does the insurance verification work?

We partner with EvidentID, which uses AI models and a support staff of specialists to verify coverage. This ensures accurate and reliable verification, giving you peace of mind.

Why do we cap the number of subcontractors tracked?

Each verification has an associated cost through our agreement with Evident. To manage these costs, we offer packages based on the number of subcontractors tracked.

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Put Subcontractor Compliance on Autopilot Today

Simplify subcontractor compliance and reduce risk effortlessly with the Beacon® Subcontractor Compliance Hub by Maverick.